Diet Coach

Based on cutting edge science

The future of weight loss and health 

Have  you tried everything, including healthy eating and exercise to reach your goal weight?

Do you suffer from strong urges, even cravings for high fat/high sugar foods, which undermine your best efforts to lose excess body  fat?

Trick the Brain

When we try to lose weight; the brain will do everything it can to make us regain that weight so that we return to our highest ‘set-point’.

The main way the brain does this is by making us crave highly calorific food. The ONLY way to lose weight sustainably is to stop the cravings induced by the brain when we try to lose weight.

Thankfully there is a way to do this. It is a way of eating which fools the brain into believing that no weight loss has occurred. This way, the excessive appetite, and food cravings are prevented and weight loss can proceed painlessly and sustainably.

Nutritionist training hasn’t yet caught up with the new science, so most nutritionists are handing out the same old tired advice to people trying to lose weight: whole grains, low fat, fish, fruit, and vegetables


This way of eating is great – if you don’t have a weight problem, but it is nowhere near optimal for dealing with the increased appetite and cravings which accompany weight loss.

Access the world’s most cutting-edge precision tools to cut cravings and optimise your body and health once and for all with this innovative intensive coaching program.

One-to-One Consultations

We will have regular  in-person consultations where we measure your  percentage body fat, muscle, BMI , weight and inches.

We will discuss and trouble-shoot any challenges


The Program

Allowed food, drinks  and shopping lists

Recipes and snacks

How to minimise discomfort during the ‘withdrawal’ phase

How to ‘cheat’  with minimum damage

Keeping you motivated

Getting the right mindset 
How to avoid common pitfalls


24 hour Whatsapp Support

Contact me at all waking hours.
I will answer any questions or uncertainties you have.
I will guide you to optimal choices.
I will help you navigate challenges.
I will keep you motivated and on track. 


Optimal Exercising 

Short exercise routines, optimised to increase fat burning and reduce food cravings.

This coaching program is for you, only if:

You are ready to completely commit to a new way of eating, for life.

You will not lose the weight and keep it off, unless you can commit to  a fairly restrictive way of eating.
You won’t suffer from cravings any more, so it will be absolutely achievable,  but it will still require self-discipline to stay on the straight and narrow.
This is, in reality, what it takes  to lose the weight and keep it off, for good.

You are ready to persevere through the 1-2 week ‘withdrawal phase’

The first week or two will be difficult, as cravings will be worse.
Are you prepared to battle through them?
If you have a demanding job, it might be best to start this during the holidays.

  4 Week Coaching Package

The 4  week coaching package will teach you the basics of the plan and how it works.
I will support you through the most difficult phase: the ‘withdrawal phase’.
I will show you how to proceed through this phase with a minimum of discomfort. 
I will work on your mindset, so that you are able to persevere and reach the ‘other side’ free from cravings.


8 Week Coaching Package

I will support you in staying on the ‘straight and narrow’.
I will encourage and motivate you to stay on track.
I will trouble-shoot any difficulties which arise which may tempt you to falter.


4 Month Coaching Package

Life throws many circumstances at us, which can make it a challenge to stay on track.
The longer coaching package will mean that I can help you navigate all those stumbling blocks successfully, stay on track and ultimately achieve your weight-loss goals. 


Still Have Questions?